Buying a Property

For most people, buying a new home is one of the most important investment they will ever make
Having an experienced and knowledgeable Professional Realtor guiding you through this exciting yet complex adventure is of paramount importance
Helping you find the ideal property and negotiation the best deal are important parts of this process. Furthermore, assuring an easy communication and also providing detailed assistance in all the steps

Defining your Needs

Before any Home Search, it is important that buyers list all characteristics and features they desire in their new home (like number of bedrooms; office space; exercise room; number of garages; swimming pool, water-front, home style)
This will help your Agent better serve you
A list of Features and Amenities will be provided

Defining the Best Location

Location will define the current and future value of your property and influences your lifestyle.
It is crucial to define your preferences and needs like: commute time; access to airports, major highways and public transportation; school districts and health care facilities. This will ultimately guide you to the best neighborhood

Defining your Mortgage

Before any Home Search, define how much you can afford for a down-payment and also for a monthly payment; leaving a little room for the unexpected
This will facilitate the discussion with any lender. Because lenders use averages and formulas to make qualification decisions
Normally you cannot compromise more than a third of your gross monthly income in a home mortgage
Consider also that you need to have some money aside for some repairs and upgrades before moving in

Selling a Property

For most people, their home is their largest asset, and deciding to sell is a major decision that involves careful preparation and work
Once you have decided to sell, having an experienced Real Estate Professional handling all the details involved in the successful sale of your home, assures getting the best deal
This also involves the best marketing tools and communication through different channels; moreover offering suggestions on staging, so that the property is displayed at its best

Defining the Value of your Home

By presenting to you, the most accurate Market Analysis for similar homes sold in your close neighborhood and assuming also homes particularities or improvements helps to understand the market dynamics.
Definitively we will assist you in determining the accurate value of your home.

Defining Buyer’s needs

Analyzing the buyers expressed needs (for instance: location, size or amenities of the home) can help enormously in the negotiation. Because beyond the asked price, your home can offer unique characteristics that can be valorized if correctly communicated and marketed